Warren H. Stewart, Sr., Statement on Comprehensive Immigration Reform Proposal

January 30, 2013

Warren H. Stewart, Sr., chairman, National Immigration Forum

Candidate, Phoenix City Council District 8 optimistic of Immigration Address

      (Phoenix,AZ) — Today, Warren H. Stewart, Sr., chairman of the National Immigration Forum, and candidate for Phoenix City Council District 8, attended President Obama’s speech regarding immigration reform and was encouraged by what he heard.

    WS_logo_Final_4c SMALL2  “As a long-time Phoenix resident who has fought for a more humane national immigration policy, I know all too well the impact of the immigration debate in our diverse communities,” says Stewart, directly following the President’s speech outlining a comprehensive immigration reform plan for the Country. “People should not have to be living in fear, children should have an opportunity to live the American dream, and families should not have to be split apart.  Our country and the City of Phoenix will benefit from immigration reform.”

Stewart, as candidate for City Council, and chair of the National Immigration Forum, will work closely with the Obama Administration to keep District 8 residents informed on the status of future immigration reform legislation.  “As I have for many decades while living in Phoenix, I will stand at the forefront of advocating for immigration laws that will unite people, and not divide people. We have more in common than un-common and this immigration issue is a justice and civil rights issue, said Stewart.”

“The momentum that is building across the country for immigration reform is encouraging.  And today’s speech by President Obama has laid down a road map for significant policy changes to address immigration reform at this critical time in our history,” said Stewart. “Collaboration and partnership between a bi-partisan group of members of Congress is long overdue.  I look forward to positive dialogue to solve this impactful topic. The lives of people should not be a political debate; immigration reform needs to remain a conversation about the men, women, and children that are directly affected by the conversation. I urge a swift passage of the reform plan,” said Stewart.

     Warren H. Stewart, Sr., is a candidate for City of Phoenix City Council District 8.  He is Chairman of the National Immigration Forum, a national organization that advocates for comprehensive immigration reform.  Stewart is senior pastor of the First Institutional Baptist Church of Phoenix, Arizona.

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